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Posted by Susanne Bowen on March 4, 2020

Despite the delightful W-4 update, I hope you are having a great start to 2020! May your tax season be uneventful, open enrollment be smooth, and year-end close successful! As we focus on exciting new opportunities in 2020, Vibe HCM’s commitment to providing value to our customers remains our number one priority.

On that topic, we are in the process of rolling out some interesting content and tools that our customers helped us develop. In the second half of 2019, we began working with an outside consulting organization to better understand the value clients are receiving from our payroll and HCM solutions. Our goal was to develop ROI tools that will help prospective customers build the business case for executive buy-in and quantify the results they can expect, all based on real, measurable customer experiences.


A variety of customers, from organizations of all sizes, industries and geographic locations participated in in-depth interviews focused on improvements in operational efficiency as well as employee engagement. We were happy to hear about the amazing results Vibe HCM customers are achieving. Here are some of the highlights:


Customers utilizing Vibe HCM’s onboarding and preboarding functionality spend 60% less time on those activities, while also achieving more professionalism in their process and strengthening their ability to make a good first impression.


Customers reported that they reduced time spent on payroll, benefits, open enrollment and other transactional HR functions by at least 70% and spent 80% less time on reporting and accessing data.


“In addition to massive time savings, the value-add for us has been that Vibe HCM has allowed us to pull administrative work off of our HR staff so they can be more strategic.”



HR teams reduce time spent supporting employee communications by 70%, while delivering consistent, strategic content to organizations with varied and distributed workforces.



“Vibe HCM enables us to provide information to employees in a more accessible way, which reduces employee frustration and helps with retention.”



I would like to thank all the customers that participated in the study. The content is invaluable for HR professionals leveraging technology to improve their HCM processes. To download the full report or to schedule a personalized ROI assessment visit  We would be happy to help you tell your story.


Susanne Bowen
Vibe HCM



Susanne is veteran CEO, industry leader and board director in the software industry. Throughout her career, Susanne has developed engaged, high performance teams that exceed business objectives. At Vibe HCM, Susanne helps customers leverage technology to drive their unique cultures and deliver a positive employee experience.


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