Taking the Pulse of Your Organization: A Personal Story

Posted by Susanne Bowen on September 12, 2019

We hope you are enjoying the summer months, getting some time to relax and to plan for the busy seasons ahead. At Vibe, summer is time for our periodic employee engagement survey – a pulse survey that provides real-time data measuring employee engagement, sentiment and its drivers. This is something we do on a continuous basis so we can understand our engagement challenges, plan appropriate actions and deliver communications and programs based on employee feedback.  We use our product and the Vibe Pulse functionality to make measuring and improving employee engagement easy.

Vibe Pulse is automatically included in Vibe’s HCM Engagement Platform. Our proprietary measurement framework is based on a review of academic and related research conducted in the engagement measurement field of study, plus our experiential learnings. It includes a core set of dimensions that represent the crucial determinants of an employee’s engagement level.

Vibe Pulse leverages this scientific research to deliver a library of questions tuned to measure Engagement Level, Engagement Outcomes and Engagement Drivers.  It allows you to select these proven questions as well as add custom questions. This flexible approach makes it quick and easy for organizations to get started with engagement surveys, derive a benchmark, and put themselves in position to monitor future trends.

When I say easy, I want to underscore this with my personal story.  This year I published our survey myself – over coffee in about 15 minutes! I selected 16 questions, enabling employees to complete the survey in about 5 minutes.  I could confidently select from the library of questions and adapt the prior period’s survey, publish with a future date and rely on the system to manage distribution, response tracking and reporting through our employee communications portal, OneVibe, where employees access communities, company information and handle self-service transactions.  I didn’t need a consultant or a special outside survey.  It was amazingly powerful in its simplicity!

I am even more impressed when I think about the fact that the information regarding our organizational assignments is embedded. When the survey is complete, we can see the data rolled up (respecting our team members’ privacy) by manager and department. It indicates where we are doing well and allows each leader to understand how they are performing relative to our company wide results. Plans are established for improvement and tracked automatically to ensure that we get action where it matters most. I’m so pleased that a company of our size has this power at our fingertips. I am even more pleased to bring it to our customers to enjoy!

Here’s an example of a Pulse Dashboard that summarizes number of responses, participation rate, engagement score, trends and comparisons by organization (note: this is not real data).

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our August survey. Opening the door to continuous employee feedback has been a powerful tool for Vibe. It has certainly helped our employees understand our level of commitment to their success, while making us more agile in the process.



Susanne Bowen
Vibe HCM


Susanne is veteran CEO, industry leader and board director in the software industry. Throughout her career, Susanne has developed engaged, high performance teams that exceed business objectives. At Vibe HCM, Susanne helps customers leverage technology to drive their unique cultures and deliver a positive employee experience.


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