Connect, Manage, Engage and Inspire Your employees

1 platform, any device.

Our customers' Vibe Deployment is where All the action Happens. 

Employees connect, communicate and recognize each other.  Important initiatives are launched. Continuous feedback is provided, career plans established.  Its where the pulse of the organization is taken.  And, of course, its where the business of HR is conducted - payroll, time entry, benefits management - just to name a few.  

All in one highly branded place Our Customers call their own.  


Attract The Best 

Career Sites, Employer Brand, Applicant Tracking, Candidate Sourcing   


The Business of HR

Core HR & Self-Service, Payroll, Benefits, Time & Labor


First Impressions Matter

Preboarding, Onboarding, New Hire Self-Service & Rookie Communities


Recognize Your Best

Recognition, Performance, Comp, Learning, Succession


Activate Your Culture

Branding, Interactive Content, Profiles, Communities, Social Media


Real-Time Talent Insight

Employee Surveys, Action Plans, Dashboards, HR Reporting & Analytics



It’s Time To Rethink HR Systems.

Introducing Vibe HCM

HCM + Engagement. 1 Platform, Any Device.

This video introduces Vibe HCM, the all-in-one platform that not only powers your engagement strategies but delivers on the full scope of HR business.

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