Calculate the Impact of HCM Engagement Technology on Your Business

Choosing the right HCM solution is an important decision for your organization. One way to simplify the process is to take an objective, quantifiable approach that focuses on the results you can achieve. That’s why we built the HCM Engagement ROI calculator – to help you understand the positive impact our technology can have on your business and make it easy for you to build the case for executive buy-in and funding.

What’s unique about our ROI calculator is that is it based on actual results our clients have experienced, not estimates or assumptions.

  • Customers reduce time spent on payroll, benefits, open enrollment and other transactional HR functions by at least 70% and spent 80% less time on reporting and accessing data.
  • HR teams reduce time spent supporting employee communications by 70%, while delivering consistent, strategic content to organizations with varied and distributed workforces.
  • Customers spend 60% less time on those activities, while also achieving more professionalism in their process and strengthening their ability to make a good first impression.


Download our infographic to gain a better understanding of how much impact an HCM Engagement platform can have on your talent initiatives and employee experience.


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