Redefining The new hire experience.

Effectively onboard new recruits into your company by uniquely combining new hire process automation with engaging communications and social connections.


Before the 1st Day

You've found the ideal employee, how do you keep their enthusiasm up until their first day? Vibe delivers a personalized preboarding solution that engagingly introduces the company, connects the new hire with their colleagues and helps them hit the ground running.

Key Features:

  • Welcome Emails, Notifications & Personalized Preboarding Hub
  • Dynamic Org Charts with Links to Personal Profiles
  • New Hire Community & Learning Experiences
  • Suggested Activities & New Hire Processes 
Personalized Preboarding Hub


Post Day 1

Few companies have onboarding systems in place that deliver an effective program that continues well beyond the first day. Vibe automates the entire onboarding program (social, developmental and transactional) personalized to your company and in accordance with your timeline / unique stages.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Onboarding Hub
  • Self-Service Transactional Tools
  • Training & Development
  • Socialization - New Hire Community,
    Colleagues, Mentors, Personal Profiles
New Hire Community Powerclip.png
Example Onboarding Hub



Drive consistency and automation into your new
hire compliance program - governmental
compliance, industry or company-specific

  • I-9 & E-Verify
  • EEO Reporting
  • Licenses & Credentials
  • Tax Withholdings
  • Configurable Documents & Acknowledgements