What is The Role of Technology in Employee Engagement?

Posted by Cary Schuler on November 16, 2018

Top performing companies recognize the positive correlation between investments in employee engagement and driving business outcomes. They also recognize that although there are many factors that influence employee engagement, technology has a key role to play in this equation.

They realize technology isn’t just for managing their talent – which is still critically important – they need to continue to drive improvements in taking care of the business of HR.  Technology can also help impact engagement and business outcomes while also playing a significant role to positively influence the key factors that drive engagement:  connection, recognition, inspiring people to the higher purpose of the company.

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Here are some examples of how top performing organizations use technology in their day-to-day operations to impact engagement:

  1. Preboarding starts before the first day. You’ve found the ideal employee; how do you keep their enthusiasm up until they officially start? It’s important to introduce them to the company, connect them with their colleagues and help them hit the ground running. Sending welcome emails, connecting them to a preboarding hub, providing access to hew hire communities, org charts and profiles are all great examples.
  2. Agile Performance & Coaching – Traditional once-a-year performance reviews are not enough to engage today’s workforce. In this agile world, employees tackle a variety of projects comprised of cross-functional team members throughout the year. They seek in-the-moment feedback and coaching from managers, coworkers and peers.
  3. Work Communities that are integrated into day-to-day work processes will ensure that the right individuals are automatically part of the conversations, processes and initiatives that impact their jobs. And, to help drive adoption, especially with tech-savvy millennials, use interactive social media-based tools that make it easy to exchange ideas, have conversations and celebrate successes.
  4. Pulse Surveys and feedback tools help organizations understand and take action on employee sentiment in real-time. Being able to see reports and trends by location or division can help with action planning.
  5. Focusing on the adoption of your chosen technology is critical to success. If all the tools your employees need are on one platform, versus a cobbled together bunch of point solutions, chances are more employees will use them and you will see value much more quickly. And, the technology needs to work the way you work, providing easy, complete access on any device, at any time.

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Cary Schuler, SVP Marketing & Product Strategy at Vibe HCM is a business strategist passionate about redefining the way companies leverage technology to maximize the potential of its people. Intent upon transforming workforce applications to recognize and harness the inherently social nature of its people.


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