connect every employee, every location.

unlike stand-alone solutions, Vibe Engage interweaves the latest engagement Feedback, Sentiment, Recognition and Social tools throughout the platform - driving Unprecedented adoption.



Engagement Survey & Feedback Tools

Employee survey and feedback tools complete with engagement measurement dashboards.  Understand and take action on employee sentiment in real-time - Vibe Pulse.

Key Features:

  • Pulse Surveys
  • Employee Feedback Tracking
  • Organization-Wide Dashboards & Reporting
  • Integrated Action Planning
Example Vibe Pulse Survey 


Unify your brand & Message

Say goodbye to stale intranets and information getting bottlenecked in IT. Leverage Vibe Engage to unify your brand and message with engaging media.

Key Features:

  • Branding, Personalization & Content Management Capabilities
  • Support for Various Media Types (videos, photos, web content, billboards, documents)
  • Multiple Authoring Methods (Inline, Rich Text, HTML & Native File Format)
  • Multilingual Content Support
  • User Acknowledgements & Auditing


Example Customer Program Communication Page


give everyone a voice

Augment workforce communications with interactive social media tools. Not only can you transform HR communications, become the hub of the enterprise where ideas are exchanged, conversations held and successes celebrated.

Key Features:

  • Blogs
  • Discussion Forums
  • Wikis
  • Photo Albums / Video Support
  • Shared Files
  • Ideas Management
Mobile Social Activity Stream


integrated into day-to-day work processes

A social workforce platform is only truly effective if it's integrated into the day-to-day processes of employees. Role-based communities ensure that the right individuals are automatically part of the conversations, processes, initiatives that impact their jobs

Key Features:

  • Community Hub with Activity Streams
  • Multiple Community Types (Role-Based, Program-Based, Tenure-Based, Special Interest)
  • Advanced Community Features (Multiple Media Types, Featured, Top-Rated, Tagging)
Example Role-Based Community


get to know the person behind the name

Org charts with personal profiles help employees find & identify experts, collaborate, make new connections and recognize peers.

Key Features:

  • Configurable Profile Information 
  • Personalization Capabilities (Cover Images, Photos, Taglines)
  • Locate  A Colleague
  • Find  Connected & Influential Employees 
New Hire Community Powerclip.png
Highly Branded Personal Profile Excerpt


identify trends & top contributors 

On-demand dashboards provide valuable insight into employee and manager interactions. Identify trends, top contributors, most influential, highest rated and most viewed communications across locales, departments and roles.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Dashboards Reporting System Usage Trends, User Demographics, Views By Content Type & Common Navigation Paths
  • Identify Top Influencers & Contributors By Role
  • Analyze Data Across Multiple Parameters (Most Viewed, Highest Rated, Top Searched By Role, Division, Function) 
Analytics PC.png
Example Analytics Dashboard Portlets