Release Notes - Related Images

1. Global Data Miner Updates

Part 1: New I-9 Data Sets

a. At the top of the Global Data Miner screen, click on the “Dataset” drop down menu.
b. Type in “I9”
c. Select the I9 dataset you would like to use from the list

i9 data sets.png

Part 2: Pre-Created Reports

a. “Click on the “Load Saved Report” button at the bottom of the Global Data Miner screen

load saved.png

b. Select the report you want from the “Reports Shared with me” list and then select the “load” button in
the bottom right corner.

NOTE: If you change this existing report, please save it as a different version so that the original report
here is not lost.


2. Paperwork screen updates


3. MTU- employer code field added to all fields template