Industry’s first unified HCM Engagement Platform Packaged to deliver both the power of engagement & the Business of HR

We make it easy for you. 

With Vibe HCM, you have a partner that can help you achieve the promise of engagement while taking care of the day-to-day demands of HR transaction and compliance.

Our platform is available in two bundled editions, Vibe Essentials and Vibe Edge. These specially designed editions have been uniquely packaged to support your needs today and as you grow in the future.


Everything you need to start impacting engagement wrapped up in one easy to deploy integrated package.

Key Features:

  • Best Practice Solution Drawing from Vibe HCM Library

  • Bundled Platform Spanning Transactions & Engagement

  • Rapid Deployment | Time-to-Value

  • Branded Experience Consistent With Your Culture

  • Flexibility:  Start with Vibe Essentials and Upgrade to Vibe Edge As Requirements Change


Designed For those with more advanced talent strategies and complex platform requirements.

Key Features:

  • Tuned for More Complex Organizational Requirements

  • Highly Personalized Experience Personifies Your Culture & Processes

  • Access To Advanced Talent Management Capabilities

  • Blueprint Process Designed for Organizations with Dedicated Deployment Resources