We get it.  Breaking up is hard to do.  But, change can be good!

Your current transactional HR and Talent Management systems have likely served you well.  However, there are some great new tools available that are more suited to engaging today’s connected, agile workforce.

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Is It Time To Break Up With Your Talent Management System?

10 New Approaches For Engaging Talent In The Agile Era

In this free eBook we explore the latest business trends impacting talent management:

Disengaged Workforce

Rise of the Socially Connected Workforce

Shift from Hierarchies to an Agile Workforce

We introduce 10 strategies for consideration as you think about transitioning from managing talent to fully engaging their hearts and minds.

Sorry talent management, it's nothing personal.

I was challenged by my CEO to find a platform that connected him to each and every one of our employees – all 13,000.

That’s were Vibe came in. Not only did they make it easy to automate our HR transactions but also to connect, communicate and engage with all our employees.

— Shannon Kirk, California Pizza Kitchen

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We make it easy for companies to not only automate HR transactions but also engage with all their employees through one unified platform. We partner with talent-driven businesses to elevate how they Connect. Manage. Engage. Inspire.

Relied on by over 1 million employees worldwide, the Vibe HCM platform delivers HR, Talent, Recruiting, Onboarding, Engagement, Analytics and Payroll.


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