HCM & Engagement – You can Have Both

The Combined Power of ECI & CFACTOR - Introducing Vibe HCM

Acquisition Announcement Image.png

We’re very excited to announce that Electronic Commerce Inc. (ECI) has acquired cfactor Works Inc.

With the support and financial backing of Frontier Capital, this acquisition enables ECI to deliver a unified, highly differentiated technology solution for the HCM marketplace.  The complementary strengths of each organization make this an ideal union.

For over 20 years, ECI has delivered on the core payroll, transactional and compliance needs of its clients. With its Vibe product, cfactor has approached the HCM space from the perspective of developing easy-to-use HR technology designed to uniquely engage, enhance productivity and deliver value for each and every employee. cfactor’s employee friendly technology is currently being used to recruit, manage, connect and inspire employees in multiple languages across 29 different countries. 

The combination of these two organizations sets a new standard in the marketplace – 1 unified platform that delivers on the HR transactional needs of its customers AND its strategic employee engagement initiatives.

Going forward we will be known as Vibe HCM, Inc.  As the companies begin to work together, we will explore the best ways to leverage our individual strengths and capabilities. 

Our goal today is to communicate this exciting news.  A special thank you to all our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders that have supported us in this pursuit.  We look forward to continued innovation and partnership as we redefine expectations for HCM engagement software.