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CEO Corner – Susanne Bowen

Vibe HCM Customers,

We hope you are enjoying the summer months, getting some time to relax and to plan for the busy seasons ahead. At Vibe, summer is time for our periodic employee engagement survey – a pulse survey that provides real-time data measuring employee engagement, sentiment and its drivers. This is something we do on a continuous basis so we can understand our engagement challenges, plan appropriate actions and deliver communications and programs based on employee feedback.  We use our product and the Vibe Pulse functionality to make measuring and improving employee engagement easy.

Vibe Pulse is automatically included in Vibe’s HCM Engagement Platform. Our proprietary measurement framework is based on a review of academic and related research conducted in the engagement measurement field of study, plus our experiential learnings. It includes a core set of dimensions that represent the crucial determinants of an employee’s engagement level.

Vibe Pulse leverages this scientific research to deliver a library of questions tuned to measure Engagement Level, Engagement Outcomes and Engagement Drivers.  It allows you to select these proven questions as well as add custom questions. This flexible approach makes it quick and easy for organizations to get started with engagement surveys, derive a benchmark, and put themselves in position to monitor future trends.

When I say easy, I want to underscore this with my personal story.  This year I published our survey myself – over coffee in about 15 minutes! I selected 16 questions, enabling employees to complete the survey in about 5 minutes.  I could confidently select from the library of questions and adapt the prior period’s survey, publish with a future date and rely on the system to manage distribution, response tracking and reporting through our employee communications portal, OneVibe, where employees access communities, company information and handle self-service transactions.  I didn’t need a consultant or a special outside survey.  It was amazingly powerful in its simplicity!

I am even more impressed when I think about the fact that the information regarding our organizational assignments is embedded. When the survey is complete, we can see the data rolled up

Newsletter 4 - CEO Corner Pulse.png

(respecting our team members’ privacy) by manager and department. It indicates where we are doing well and allows each leader to understand how they are performing relative to our company wide results. Plans are established for improvement and tracked automatically to ensure that we get action where it matters most. I’m so pleased that a company of our size has this power at our fingertips. I am even more pleased to bring it to our customers to enjoy!

Here’s an example of a Pulse Dashboard that summarizes number of responses, participation rate, engagement score, trends and comparisons by organization (note: this is not real data).

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of our August survey. Opening the door to continuous employee feedback has been a powerful tool for Vibe. It has certainly helped our employees understand our level of commitment to their success, while making us more agile in the process.


Susanne Bowen
Vibe HCM



Product Update

Vibe HCM will be discontinuing legacy website URLs such as “” and “” These URLs will not be changed or removed without your advanced knowledge. We have an opportunity to consolidate as many as three URLs for the same product down to one URL which can be used from any device, simplifying the login experience for customers and their internal IT staffs who may be setting up links to Vibe products on desktops or company Intranet sites. Stay tuned to your inbox for further updates on this initiative.

Vibe HCM, within the Vibe Pay payroll platform, has also been diligently working to address several recent and upcoming compliance items. Below is a quick summary of our primary compliance objectives and where each item currently sits in terms of completion

  • OSHA Form 300A Substitute Form – Launched! Available now in Vibe Pay Report Navigator

  • EEO-1 Report Component 2 data for wages and hours worked (in progress) – We are anxiously anticipating the EEOC’s release of the “mass data upload” portal. Upon release, Vibe will immediately begin testing the solutions we have built to ensure quality and accuracy. Once we are satisfied with our testing, a note will be sent to all customers informing them of general availability for both versions of the EEO-1 Component 2 Data Report.

  • Washington State Paid Family & Medical Leave – Launched! Available now in Vibe Pay Report Navigator. This report impacts only customers with employees in the state of Washington.

  • California Privacy Act – Ongoing effort is being made to be fully compliant with the upcoming California Privacy Act, in effect 1/1/2020 for all employers with employees working in the state of California. Both Vibe HCM and Vibe Pay will be fully compliant with the California Privacy Act.

  • E-Verify backend technology update – E-Verify has introduced some technical changes “behind the scenes” which we are working to adapt to. These changes will be transparent to end-users once they are fully implemented.

  • Customers with workers working in Minnesota may be subject to new reporting requirements for Paid Family & Medical Leave. Vibe Pay has added a new report to the Report Navigator to help facilitate these reporting needs.

    For more information please reach out to


Summer Reading

Before summer winds down, here are a couple of suggestions for light reading designed specifically for HR professionals.

Newsletter 4 - Summer Reading 1 rev.png

Through humorous and relatable stories, Everything You Know about Organizational Behavior You Learned in High School, by author Victor P. Becker, offers a practical, management development tool using real-life experience to draw comparisons between adolescent, high school behavior and behavior prevalent in workplaces today






Newsletter 4 - Summer Reading 2.png

Ms. Harriet Rose Job (HR Job) was found dead – at her workplace. This is a police procedural – conducted by detective Marc S Miller who explores the crime beginning with crime scene photos and a list of suspects and other “persons of interest” including: “Bennie Fits” (Benefits), “Pai Roal” (Payroll), “Harry R. Is” (HRIS), Bebe Boomer (Baby Boomers), Cher Holders (Shareholder), Ed Konomy (the economy), Mel Lenial (Millennials), Sue “Sis” Stems (Systems), Senor Juan Managemento (Senior Management) and others, each having specific motives and opportunity. Find out if her death was Murder or even Suicide?





Customer Spotlight – StuartCo

One of Vibe HCM’s clients, StuartCo, an award-winning Property Management company located in Minneapolis, MN is taking a fun, humorous approach to encourage employees to complete their talent profiles on their Vibe HCM platform (see below).

StuartCo’s creative “Don’t be this guy!” perspective incentivizes employees to add content and photos to their profile. This not only encourages adoption and usage of their site and key initiatives, but results in insights into employee skills and interests that may otherwise not be discovered.



Tips & Tricks

Note: All Tips & Tricks referenced below may not be relevant to your organization depending on the configuration / scope of your deployment.

Paperwork Details and Management (HCM)

The Paperwork tab is intended to act as an electronic filing cabinet for employee records. It is located in the Employee Management Center (EMC), and is accessible for HR security roles to be able to view the following for an Employee:

Newsletter 4 - Tips and Tricks 1.png

1.      Task History: All tasks/forms that are associated with the employee. An in-progress task can also be cancelled from this screen.

Newsletter 4 - Tips and Tricks 2.png

2. Event History: Any changes made to the employee’s work history (comp changes, position changes etc.).

Newsletter 4 - Tips and Tricks 3.png

3.      Acknowledgements: Documents completed during onboarding- these can also be downloaded for review or sharing.

4.      Pay Statements: same as the pay statement screen from the EMC and Employee Hub

5.      I9: Review and download, as well as submit to have a new I9 completed

6.      Files: Can be used to create folders and upload external documents associated with the employee

Newsletter 4 - Tips and Tricks 4.png

7.      Process Documents: When a task is submitted with a supplemental document- that attached documents will show here. These can be downloaded to view and share as needed.


Coffee With Ken – Ken Skinner, SVP Services

Ken Skinner's Headshot.jpg

Vibe’s Professional Services teams continue to value our client feedback and make adjustments to our implementation and post go live support processes.

In addition to this, we not only value and seek to build a better learning culture at Vibe internally, but we value the learning initiatives we offer our clients as well.

As we collect more feedback and grow our implementation efforts, we have also added more learning for the client at an earlier stage of the project. This will keep the learning wheel moving so clients are continuously being prepared for a successful go live.

We have now implemented Plan Phase learning. This means that clients will begin having training sessions as soon as they kick off their project with us. These plan phase trainings will be shown via our demo sites and will help clients prepare and make confident decisions on their blueprints which is the roadmap to how their site will be configured.

Once their site is configured based on those blueprints- we will continue to offer Launch Phase training which will be shown in their specific site and help them begin testing their new site.

In addition, we are also offering sessions to help them prepare for end user training, and high user adoption via engagement and change management best practices.

Lastly, we are continuing to improve our bi-weekly product release notes. Our Learning and Development team has been collaborating with Product teams to ensure these release notes are easy to understand and follow. Our release notes are now enhanced to indicate which pieces of our product are impacted, and we have added supplemental screenshots to applicable items to better identify where in the site the item is impacted. These items will be indicated with a blue link called “Learn More” that clients can click on to see those referenced screenshots.

We hope the above items show that we always welcome client feedback, and continuously aim for our clients to have positive experiences via implementation and support. Please, always feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.


New Team Member – John Tobin

Newsletter 4 - John Tobin pic.PNG

We are thrilled to announce a new member to the Vibe HCM Team – John Tobin. John has joined Vibe HCM in our Austin, TX office in a newly created role of Strategic Account Manager. John will be collaborating with Vibe HCM’s customers to work towards strengthening relationships and partnering in their success.

John graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. Prior to joining Vibe HCM, John worked at PeopleAdmin, an HR software company specializing in solutions for higher education and government. In his role there, John was responsible for assisting customers in getting the most value out of their solution.

John looks forward to the opportunities for professional growth working in the HCM space at Vibe HCM. He is excited to get to know Vibe HCM’s customers and begin to understand their unique goals and challenges and how we can serve them better.

John is married and has 2 children; a 10 year-old daughter and a 12 year-old son. His time away from work is filled with his children’s sporting events, enjoying the outdoor culture in Austin as well as volunteering with the Austin Humane Society.


G2 Crowd Client Review Incentive Program

Review us on G2Crowd.png

Because we value authentic feedback on our product and service from customers like you, would you be willing to write a short review of Vibe HCM on G2 Crowd? G2 Crowd is an independent review site where nearly 150,000 professionals like you are sharing their opinions on the software they use. It’s similar to Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, etc. but for the software and apps people use at work.

To say thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, G2 Crowd is offering a $25 gift card to the first 40 Vibe HCM users who complete a review. The gift card is from G2 Crowd, and your eligibility to receive it is in no way conditioned on the content of your review.

You can submit your review here. It takes just a few minutes, and you’ll need to sign in with your LinkedIn account so G2 Crowd can validate your identity.


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