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CEO Corner – Susanne Bowen

Vibe HCM Customers,

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the Connect HR Leadership Summit in Las Vegas. Connect HR is a strategic event for HR executives with content focused on topics such as talent management, retention, leadership development employee engagement and people analytics. We had the opportunity to present a session entitled Five Habits of Organizations with Cultures that Inspire. Developed through conversations with customers and industry thought leaders about trends and future directions, you may find the content helpful as you develop your own HCM and employee engagement strategies.

1. Many organizations and HR leaders are turning their focus to the employee experience

Employee experience is becoming an important topic in leading corporations. There’s an understanding that organizations that focus on employee experience will improve engagement and retention and drive better business outcomes. One of the best definitions of employee experience is from Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage. Employee experience = culture + technology + physical space. What this means from a practical standpoint is that the organization designs itself to put the employee at the center of all decisions. It is a shifting of the HR mindset from transactions and compliance to more strategic and transformational ideas.

2. Personalized, employee-driven communication, rather than management-driven approaches are working best

Business leaders understand that the most common reason strategy fails is the because of the difficulty in connecting strategy to the people. If you can’t effectively communicate with your employees, strategic initiatives will fail, and business outcomes will be negatively impacted. Leading organizations have figured out a way to do this and once again, it involves putting the employee in the center of your approach.

  • What content does the employee prefer?

  • What content is needed to connect the employee to strategy?

  • What communication channels does the employee prefer?

  • How interactive/engaging is the experience?

  • Does the experience reflect modern/social approaches to communication?

  • Is it easy to access information and participate?

3. Employee performance and recognition process are becoming more agile and frequent

There’s an understanding that the workplace has changed significantly in recent years. Employees want more frequent feedback and are more engaged when that occurs. According to Fast Company, 69% of millennials think the performance review process is flawed and 85% want more frequent interaction with their managers. The good news is that 70% still feel confident that the process can help them learn and grow; they would just like to see it done differently. As a result, organizations are adopting a more flexible and agile approach to these processes incorporating in-the-moment feedback and recognition from managers as well as peers, through easy to use social tools that provide visibility and make the process easy.

4. Leading organizations are adopting a growth mindset

When an organization adopts a growth mindset it means that they have the belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work, creating a love of learning and the resilience in the workplace. They see opportunity and potential in every interaction and task. This is a mutually beneficial approach to learning and development that can be a powerful catalyst to creating a positive employee experience.

  • Seek out learners, drive a learning culture

  • Let employees step out of daily work

  • Be willing to take risks and accept failure

  • Drive commitment, determination, innovation

  • Provide tools and technology to facilitate learning & growth

Source: Emotive Brand


5. Top employers give people what they want – a frustration-free environment

  • Organizations that focus on the employee experience understand the importance of creating an environment that makes things easy for their employees.

  • Take the perspective that you are always trying to reduce barriers to their success

  • Remove hierarchies, silos and allow all employees to have a voice

  • Surround employees with other great people, who help, not hinder

  • Recognize their need for flexibility and wellness

  • Provide a technology environment that works (fast page loads, one login, mobile access, offline capabilities, no maintenance or app updates, easy to use)

Your feedback is always important to us and questions are always welcome. (

Susanne Bowen
Vibe HCM

Product Update

Undoubtedly by now you have encountered an online system which requires you to provide two forms of identification, typically a mobile number or an email address, to continue access that system. This is what’s known as “2 Factor Authentication,” or 2FA for short. The reasons we are seeing 2FA on almost every system we use online are simple – data privacy and security against malicious attacks. Google, Facebook, Apple, and most every major bank and medical care provider now require 2FA and this trend is only gaining momentum.

2FA is desirable for many reasons. Thanks to the proliferation of email addresses and/or smartphones, most users have no trouble providing either a mobile number or email address to supplement the traditional username and password login method. 2FA authentication, even via text message to a mobile number, is seamless and nearly instantaneous in today’s mobilized world and, in many cases, those confirmations are accessed using the very same device we are using to access our online system.

Payroll and HR Data are no different and require the strictest security protocols technology available, due to the highly private / confidential nature of the information. Vibe HCM takes your data and its security very seriously. To that end, we have begun the process of migrating clients from our legacy Payroll product, “Empower” to Vibe Pay. In addition to an expanded set of features and capabilities, Vibe Pay will allow our clients to leverage 2FA and the heightened security it affords.

Security doesn’t stop with 2FA, however. International initiatives like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are already supported by Vibe HCM and by our partners. In addition, support for new regulations (such as the California Privacy Act, effective 1/1/2020) are being added to the product to ensure you are compliant and secure, so stay tuned for updates on these and other security initiatives in the coming months.

For more information on 2FA or other questions please reach out to

Customer Spotlight – TrueNorth Steel

One Vibe HCM client – TrueNorth Steel – has taken a very creative and innovative approach to driving participation in their employee engagement survey. TrueNorth Steel produced a fun, humorous video (complete with retro graphics, crazy costumes and epic dance moves) directing employees to “Share your Feedback. We Want it.”

The video not only serves to promote participation in the survey, but allows TrueNorth Steel to celebrate their culture and their people. View the video here.

Tips & Tricks

Note: All Tips & Tricks referenced below may not be relevant to your organization depending on the configuration / scope of your deployment.


Employee Search (Vibe Pay)

When searching for employees in VibePay, be it in the Report Navigator, Time Entry, or even the Advanced Search function, employees can be selected for addition to the active drop-down list by clicking on the employee picture, not just the check box!

Reassigning and Canceling Tasks (HCM)

Submit a promotion or transfer for an incorrect employee? Have a manager on leave that forgot to set up a designate for their workflow tasks?  We have you covered!

Those with the Workflow Administrator role can cancel a pending transaction. In the administration screen of the Workflow Console, navigate to the ‘In Progress’ tab. To the far right of the line item, the ‘cancel’ option is available. This will allow you to cancel a transaction for an employee that was perhaps entered incorrectly.

Note: Remember to set your filter first to see pending tasks.

Tasks for specific employees can also be found and canceled in the Employee Management Center via the “Paperwork” screen.

This same administrator role allows reassignment of tasks to another user than the usual workflow assignment. By going to the ‘In Progress’ administration page, you can access ‘view steps’. In the ‘view steps’ form, the ‘reassign’ link is available and can be used to move each needed transaction individually.

These and other system functionalities can be found in your VibeHCM Core/HR User Guide.

Engagement Tip – Endorsements

Employee endorsements or “Thank a Colleague” functionality is a great way to empower peer-to-peer recognition within the organization. A key prerequisite for being an engaged employee is feeling that what you are doing is important and that your efforts are making a valuable contribution to the company. Encouraging employees to recognize one another for a job well done or “going the extra mile” can have several benefits:

  • Creates a sense of team spirit, drives connection & relationships within the company

  • Serves to motivate employees, knowing that someone noticed their extra effort

  • Identifies “unsung heros” in the organization

Consider having an internal contest or competition to encourage participation in your peer-to-peer recognition program!

Coffee with Ken – ken skinner, SVP Services

We sat down with Ken Skinner, Senior Vice President of Services, to learn more about his vision for the Vibe HCM services organization and goals for improving the customer experience.

In our last conversation, you mentioned that you were implementing a learning culture for the Vibe services team. Can you tell us how that has progressed?

We have made significant progress in driving a learning culture in the Vibe services organization. As mentioned in the last edition, our employees completed an internal knowledge survey to help us identify areas of training. Here’s an update:

1.    We completed an analysis of our internal Knowledge Survey

a.       Each employee will work with their managers to develop an individual learning plan to help them
identify and achieve learning goals.

b.       We identified Product Champions and Mentors to help build our learning culture through peer and
collaborative learning.

c.       We are gearing up to kick off our Product Mentor program. Mentors will be responsible to spend time
assisting their mentees on their specialization. This will increase knowledge, therefore making it easier
to troubleshoot client issues.

d.       Mentors will provide feedback monthly to their managers, which will then be delivered to the Learning
and Development teams for program improvements.

2.     The Learning and Development teams will be launching a company-wide internal learning initiative.

We are kicking off a new internal training initiative through Live Internal training sessions every two weeks. In addition, in between each live session, the Vibe Training team will be holding 30-minute Training Office Hours. Anyone from the company can join the live session during that time to ask questions to increase their product knowledge.

3.    Over time, we will continue to re-assess employee knowledge to identify more product champions and

How will this work benefit customers?

The process outlined above will help Vibe develop product champions that will, in turn, be able to better assist clients and reduce response times through support. In addition, Knowledge Management and Customer Support will continue to work together to identify issues that are creating high case volume. These items will be documented and noted in the tips and tricks section of the client newsletter.

We also continue to evolve client communication and self-learning tools. The newest addition is the tips and tricks section of this newsletter. This week: How to reassign/cancel pending tasks in the system. Check out that section for more details. This is also outlined in the Vibe HCM Core/HR User Guide. You can email should you need the latest version.

New Team Member – Aleida Asghar

We are pleased to introduce a new member of the Vibe HCM team – Aleida Asghar. She will be working in the position of Customer Success Manager out of our Austin, TX office. Aleida comes to Vibe HCM with a strong technical background and is excited to take on the role as the voice of Vibe HCM’s customers, helping them to succeed, while also being their advocates in the resolution of issues.

Aleida is a graduate from the University of Texas where she studied Finance. Previously, she worked for a higher education focused software company where her responsibilities included helping customers achieve their strategic goals through effective use of resources and software used.

Aleida describes herself as a problem solver and enjoys the rewards that come with the swift and fruitful resolution of issues. She is excited to bring her experience and enthusiasm to the customer success team at Vibe HCM.

Employee Feature – Cassidy Bowman-Prideaux

Cassidy began her career with Vibe HCM over 2 years ago, coming to the company from California Pizza Kitchen. She is a vibrant and valuable team member at Vibe HCM, tackling each project with energy and creativity. Cassidy is a strong mentor to her team, who is always looking for creative solutions to problems or issues.

Cassidy is the Director of Business Consulting, overseeing several teams involved in the implementation process. This includes the Business Consultants, and the Knowledge and Learning teams. One of Cassidy’s key priorities is maintaining an open line of communication with customers in the beginning stages of their project to empower them to make well-informed choices for their implementation. Further, she ensures that clients are prepared before they go live and are maximizing their value from the platform. Cassidy’s days never look the same, but she loves working with various teams helping them thrive.

When she first came to Vibe HCM, Cassidy identified opportunities for improvement, which resulted in developing tools and processes to assist our customers. This has helped drive the implementation process in a more streamlined, straightforward manner.

Cassidy channels her creativity at home into creating delicious meals and treats in her kitchen and she always has a knitting project in the works.  Cassidy also enjoys reading, audio books, and spending time with her family and pets. Cassidy attended Occidental College, where she earned her Bachelors in Linguistics and Spanish Literature with a minor in Studio Arts.

G2 Crowd Client Review Incentive Program

Because we value authentic feedback on our product and service from customers like you, would you be willing to write a short review of Vibe HCM on G2 Crowd? G2 Crowd is an independent review site where nearly 150,000 professionals like you are sharing their opinions on the software they use. It’s similar to Glassdoor, TripAdvisor, etc. but for the software and apps people use at work.

To say thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, G2 Crowd is offering a $25 gift card to the first 40 Vibe HCM users who complete a review. The gift card is from G2 Crowd, and your eligibility to receive it is in no way conditioned on the content of your review.

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