Configured To Your Business.

Vibe HR is A Comprehensive employee database of record that scales to effectively handle the needs of complex, multi-location, multi-language customers. Vibe's sophisticated workflow engine ensures your processes & compliance requirements are uniquely configured to support your operations.



employee & Manager

The direct and indirect cost of handling routine HR/payroll processes and employee inquiries adds up in a hurry. Unlike traditional HRMS solutions, Vibe Core HR isn’t just concerned with updating the payroll system. We realize that true efficiency gains come from automating all points of the work process. This often includes interfacing with multiple systems, people and knowledge sources. 

With Vibe Self-Service, managers can process transactions and employees can view and update their own information - any time, any place.  

Key Features:

  • Employee Personal & HR/Payroll Information Management
  • Employee Acknowledgements & Auditing
  • Organizational Charts
  • Employee Management Center
  • Management Process Automation (i.e. New Hire, Terminations, Leaves, Pay Changes, Promotions/Transfers, Position Management 


Employee Management Center


Administration, Enrollment, Wellness & Total Rewards

In addition to providing tailored benefit administration and automation of your enrollments and life event changes, Vibe Benefits delivers an engaging destination for wellness programs and total rewards & benefit statements.

Key Features:

  • Benefits Administration
  • Life Events & Enrollments
  • Employee Contact Center Support
  • Benefits Communications, Wellness Programs
  • Interactive, Real-Time Total Rewards Statements 
  • ACA Compliance
Employee Benefits Statement


Analyze, Plan & Manage Your Workforce

Drag-and-drop hierarchy tools with built-in workflow approvals make it a snap to keep the organization up-to-date. Manage organization units, affiliations, departments, jobs, positions in an easy-to-use self-service environment complete with configurable notifications and workflow approvals.

Key Features:

  • Hierarchy Management
  • Organizational Charting
  • Organizational Units Management
  • Job, Position, Vacancy Management
New Hire Community Powerclip.png
Example Interactive Organization Chart