Client Support Services

Vibe HCM agrees to provide support for Vibe HCM Issues (as defined below) (“Client Support”).  Support is intended solely for Client’s administrators of the Vibe HCM Software Platform.

Vibe HCM Issue Definition

A Vibe HCM Issue is defined as an issue that arises as a result of a reproducible error in the Software Platform, excluding issues arising from:

(i)  A failure to use the Software Platform in accordance with the Documentation; or

(ii)  Problems attributable to Client-side operating system and/or Internet browser issues


Scope of Client Support

(i)   Vibe HCM will provide routine troubleshooting, intake of Client issues and communications/resolutions with respect to identified Vibe HCM Issues. Vibe HCM shall assist in diagnosing the problem and make reasonable efforts to correct the error or problem.

(ii)     Live Client Support shall be available between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm ET during Business Days.  A Business Day is defined as any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or Observed Holiday.  Observed Holidays will be communicated to the Client in advance.

(iii)  During a Business Day, upon the Client initiating a Client Support request, Vibe HCM will respond to the Client within the time specified below in accordance with the severity level of the reported problem.  Vibe HCM will work with the Client to determine if the problem reported is reproducible within Vibe HCMs’ environment.   Severity levels will also be used to outline the timeframe that Vibe HCM Issues will be responded to/updated until such a time that the Vibe HCM Issue has been reasonably resolved.  Vibe HCM cannot guarantee that a problem will be corrected within any particular period of time.

(iv)  If, after using reasonable efforts to reproduce or resolve a problem, Vibe HCM determines that the problem is not a Vibe HCM Issue, Vibe HCM will notify Client of such determination.

(v)   Vibe HCM is not responsible for response and resolution times for products resold by Vibe HCM.

Client Support Response Times

*Vibe HCM’s goal is to meet the response and resolution targets set forth above 90% of the times, as measured on a quarterly basis.

NOTE:  The above includes standard support case submissions for both issues and change requests handled by the support team.  Not included are Enhanced Support (CCOs or Client Change Orders), annual comp or review process, custom reporting (additional reporting not included for client upon implementation), product bug fixes and/or enhancements which require engineering resolves to achieve resolution and are delivered through standard product releases.

Although Clients may establish the initial priority on a case, the support team has the right to adjust the priority provided it is done in alignment with the above defined criteria.  The support team will notify Client should the priority be adjusted.


(i)  Initial Response SLA: Initial Acknowledgement defines the time from the client submission of a support incident with the opening of a support ticket through the VIBE HCM Client Support portal to our acknowledgment of receipt of the incident. The measurement is determined by the change in status of the ticket from “NEW” to “ASSIGNED”.

(ii)  Resolution Determination SLA: Defines the time from the change in ticket status from “ASSIGNED” to “RESOLUTION DETERMINED”

Client Responsibilities

The Client agrees to:

(i)      Use Vibe HCMs’ designated electronic issue tracking system and/or approved service desk contact number for logging issues; and

(ii)     Provide reasonable supporting data to aid in the identification of reported problems.

 Enhanced Support

Enhanced Support is defined as a Client Support issue that is determined not to be a Vibe HCM Issue (i.e. enhancement, configuration change, 3rd party interface support).

Should the Client request Enhanced Support, Vibe HCM shall be compensated for such time incurred at the rates outlined below.

Hourly fee for Enhanced Support during the Business Day

  • $150 per hour plus applicable taxes

Hourly fee for support not on a Business Day

  • $195 per hour plus applicable taxes


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