Groundbreaking New Interactive Lightpaper on “Systems of Engagement”

Beyond Transactions: HCM with Engagement at the Core

SASKATOON, CANADA (March 31, 2015) cfactor Works Inc. (cfactor), developer of the award-winning Vibe HCM system of engagement, announced the availability of an exciting new Lightpaper:Beyond Transactions - HCM with Engagement at the Core.

The benefits of a highly engaged workforce are well known — increased productivity, lower absenteeism, and better talent retention. This Lightpaper examines how core HR systems may be the most powerful tool to improve employee engagement. It shows that the best HCM solutions will be those that feed employees’ appetite for connectedness with systems of engagement that are driven by user experience design, responsive interfaces, and social collaboration.

The Lightpaper moves past the buzzword of engagement, dispelling common myths and providing a framework for what a system of engagement should look like and what it should offer to truly impact employee engagement in a systematic, sustainable way. An excerpt from the Lightpaper: “Employees don’t shut off their expectations as consumers when they arrive at work. They expect the same ease of use and intuitive experiences in their on-the-job systems. If they don’t get it, satisfaction — and ultimately usage — suffers. A company’s current [traditional] HR technology environment is often a barrier. Employees don’t use it much. Why? It’s too complicated or fragmented — too many URLs, user IDs, and passwords. Employees are not sure which system does what. And employees are busy. For the HR system to be valuable, it must simplify their lives — not add to the complexity.”

Beyond Transactions: HCM with Engagement at the Core also offers a Typical Employee Life Cycle that follows the separate paths of two employees through their first year of employment. This interactive story provides the reader with a tangible view into the significant contrast of the differences that an employee may experiences in a system of engagement, compared with a system of record.

Readers of the Lightpaper will enjoy the indexed, fixed-page content, interactive graphics, polls, and more. To view the Lightpaper click here.

About cfactor Works

cfactor’s Vibe HCM delivers a personalized, interactive HRMS, talent management and employee collaboration suite. Unlike typical HR systems, Vibe HCM is a dynamic hub of employee-focused processes, communications, connections and collaboration – driving efficiency while fostering engagement. As its name implies, Vibe HCM delivers personalized, highly branded experiences tailored to our customer’s culture, unique story. 

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