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Human Capital Management Technology: Spotlight on the restaurant & Food Services Industry

May 2016 | Brandon Hall Group Research Brief




Social in HR: Embedding Social into HR Systems and Process

August 2015 | Aberdeen Research Report
Michael Moon, Research Director, Human Capital Management

This report represents the major findings in primary research conducted by Aberdeen Group on the use of social in organizations and is based on responses collected from 244 organizations between April and May 2015. The purpose of the study was to take an in-depth look at the internal use of social technologies in organizations in an attempt to understand the maturity of its use, identify barriers to its adoption, and demonstrate the impact social can have on organizational outcomes such as engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction.

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How Social Technology is Improving Productivity

Aberdeen Research ‘Smart Bite’

This report illustrates how organizations that embed social into HR processes and deploy an HCM with full social capabilities are poised to capitalize on the collective intelligence of their employees, resulting in higher levels of organizational productivity and revenue.

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The Age of Social: Toward a System of Engagement

August 2015 | Aberdeen Research
Michael Moon, Research Director, Human Capital Management

This Knowledge Brief discusses the importance of social capital as a valuable organizational asset and the role that technology plays in facilitating higher levels of social capital through systems of engagement.

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The Buyer’s Guide to Core HR Software

March 2015 | TrustRadius

The guide features an in-depth exploration of the overall Core HR market and profiles for the leading vendors, including authenticated end-user reviews curated on TrustRadius’ website.

Vibe HCM was named a Top Rated Core HR Platform by Software Users on TrustRadius.

(Ranking Based on 260+ in-depth reviews and user ratings).

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Accelerating Talent Development and Succession Planning through Technology

November 2014 | Workforce Solutions Review, Nancy Johnson (DeVry Education Group)

For the last six years, senior leaders at DeVry Education Group, a leading global provider of educational solutions, have been engaged in the assessment and development of talent through the annual talent review and succession planning process. The foundational elements of how to define colleague growth potential, assess talent, and build robust succession plans are securely in place and viewed as important elements to both the talent and business strate­gies.

The opportunity at hand was to continually improve the effectiveness of the assessment of colleagues and identify key talent from which to build strong and reliable suc­cession plans that are credibly actioned against when a mission critical role becomes available.

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High Performance Onboarding as a Driver of Employee Engagement

October 2014 | Brandon Hall Group, Kyle Lagunas

The topic of employee engagement has dominated many conversations in recent years, often­times with more questions posed than answers provided. While many recognize the benefits that result from a highly engaged workforce (e.g. improved retention, improved employee and team performance, etc.), few have strategies in place that foster engagement in a significant and sustainable way. This research paper outlines 5 keys to effective onboarding, while examining real-world examples of companies that are achieving some exceptional results.

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Vibe HCM Solution Briefing / Analyst Insights

June 2014 | Brandon Hall Group, Kyle Lagunas

Usually when I see a solution provider dubbing their product “HCM 2.0,” I’m tempted to write them off as just another drop in the bucket. But with the folks at cfactor Works, it was immediately apparent that they were actually onto something. Their goal isn’t to gobble up as much market share as possible with a static HRMS and slapped together modules for talent acquisition and talent management. Instead, they’re focused on driving systems of engagement.

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Many Schools, One Platform

June 2013 | Human Resource Executive, Andrew R. McIlvaine

How does a company with 190 different locations create a consistent employee experience? DeVry Education Group provides a unique answer to this. The main vehicle for accomplishing this is a technology platform called DeVry Commons, which was launched several years ago and built for the company by Saskatoon, Canada-based cfactor Works Inc. The new platform replaces the paper-based processes and disparate systems the company had been relying on before and reflects DeVry Education Group’s shift to a centralized approach to HR via a shared-services model.

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Where’s Waldo? Using HR Technology to Find Hidden Talent

April / May 2013 | Workforce Solutions Review, Cary Schuler

I regularly get to speak with HR practitioners from a wide range of companies operating in vastly different industries. A talent management challenge that routinely comes to the forefront during these dialog ses­sions is: How do I find, engage and promote hidden talent already resident within my diverse workforce? Despite widespread consensus that people are a company’s most important asset, HR and senior leadership often do not have ready access to the tools and analytics they need to easily find and promote the best internal talent – leaving them to play out their own version of Where’s Waldo? on a much bigger corporate stage.

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Employee First Impressions: A “Mulligan,” Please?

January 2013 | Training Magazine, Cary Schuler

I always love self-righteously claiming my right of a “Mulligan” as it’s often referred to in golf. You didn’t like that drive? No worries, just tee up another ball and try again…

Unfortunately, Mulligans don’t work so well in our professional lives.

Case in point: making a positive first impression with your new employee. When you look at the large body of research available on the topic of first impressions, a consistent conclusion emerges: It takes very little time to form opinions about people and organizations. It is also clear that first impressions are remarkably persistent. Once attitudes are set, it becomes difficult to change them.

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