Dashboard, Miners, Explorers & Graphical Workforce Visualizations.

Real-Time Access To Workforce Metrics Across Your Locations, Divisions & Roles.

Vibe Insight Puts Up-To-Date information in the hands of your managers.  it combines traditional data with social contribution information to paint a detailed picture of your workforce. Powerful workforce Miners enable you to create ad-hoc metrics in real-time.



Dynamic & Interactive

Put up-to-date information in the hands of your managers. Dynamic, interactive dashboards deliver role-based access. Sort and view by multiple dimensions (business unit, location, job function).


  • Onboarding
  • HR Management
  • Compensation
  • Performance
  • Development
  • Diversity




graphical & Action Oriented

Talent Card.png

Explore and manage your workforce using impactful visualization tools. Dynamically apply "lenses" to view your org chart from a variety of perspectives. Identify high performers blocked from advancing. Browse in-depth employee views using talent cards.

Example Talent Visualizations:

  • Talent Charts
  • Talent Cards
  • Hierarchy Management Tools


Engagement Tracking, Diagnostics & Action Plans

Tracking employee engagement should not be a "once a year" static activity. With Vibe Pulse, you can easily administer on-the-fly anonymous surveys to your employee population to quickly capture sentiment across your business units, locations, job functions, and more.  The interactive pulse dashboard provides unparalleled visibility - enabling you to easily identify trends, find areas of strength and diagnose areas of concern. Drill down as deeply as you need, and dynamically create Action Plans right in the application to initiate change in the organization.



create your own Analytics in real-time

Instantly analyse a wide variety of information to create comprehensive views of your workforce. Combine traditional HR data with contribution-based social data. Find those hidden gems that are uniquely qualified for a particular project team, geographic expansion or new product launch.

Key Features:

  • Create Your Own Report Mining Tools
  • Combine Traditional Data (i.e. skills, certifications, performance ratings, merit increases) with Social Contribution Data (i.e. personal profiles, community contributions, peer endorsements)
  • Save Multiple Miners For Subsequent Use


Multi-dimensional Views of all your locations

You decide what information you need, when you need it! Multi-dimensional, ad-hoc reports at your fingertips. No more requests to IT for ad hoc reports. Explore the organization, its people and key performance metrics real-time.

Example Trending & Explorer Reports:

  • Summary Reports (Demographic, Employment, Talent)
  • Workforce Explorers
    • Employee/Job/Positions
    • Department/Location/Organization
    • Talent 
  • Workforce Trending
    • Headcount / Turnover / Staffing
    • Internal Promotions & Transfers
    • Compensation / Performance
    • Onboarding
  • Compliance
    • HR Compliance Reports
    • Licenses & Certifications
    • New Hire Compliance