Dashboard, Miners, Explorers & Graphical Workforce Visualizations.

Real-Time Access To Workforce Metrics Across Your Locations, Divisions & Roles.

Vibe Insight Puts Up-To-Date information in the hands of your managers.  it combines traditional data with social contribution information to paint a detailed picture of your workforce. Powerful workforce Miners enable you to create ad-hoc metrics in real-time.



Dynamic & Interactive

Put up-to-date information in the hands of your managers. Dynamic, interactive dashboards deliver role-based access. Sort and view by multiple dimensions (business unit, location, job function).


  • Onboarding
  • HR Management
  • Compensation
  • Performance
  • Development
  • Diversity




graphical & Action Oriented

Talent Card.png

Explore and manage your workforce using impactful visualization tools. Dynamically apply "lenses" to view your org chart from a variety of perspectives. Identify high performers blocked from advancing. Browse in-depth employee views using talent cards.

Example Talent Visualizations:

  • Talent Charts
  • Talent Cards
  • Hierarchy Management Tools


create your own Analytics in real-time

Instantly analyse a wide variety of information to create comprehensive views of your workforce. Combine traditional HR data with contribution-based social data. Find those hidden gems that are uniquely qualified for a particular project team, geographic expansion or new product launch.

Key Features:

  • Create Your Own Report Mining Tools
  • Combine Traditional Data (i.e. skills, certifications, performance ratings, merit increases) with Social Contribution Data (i.e. personal profiles, community contributions, peer endorsements)
  • Save Multiple Miners For Subsequent Use


Multi-dimensional Views of all your locations

You decide what information you need, when you need it! Multi-dimensional, ad-hoc reports at your fingertips. No more requests to IT for ad hoc reports. Explore the organization, its people and key performance metrics real-time.

Example Trending & Explorer Reports:

  • Summary Reports (Demographic, Employment, Talent)
  • Workforce Explorers
    • Employee/Job/Positions
    • Department/Location/Organization
    • Talent 
  • Workforce Trending
    • Headcount / Turnover / Staffing
    • Internal Promotions & Transfers
    • Compensation / Performance
    • Onboarding
  • Compliance
    • HR Compliance Reports
    • Licenses & Certifications
    • New Hire Compliance