In The Cloud...

Everyone is talking about “The Cloud” these days....So much so that the definition is being stretched and modified to the point it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognize true cloud / software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) providers. Complicating the fact is many SaaS solutions were built through acquisitions and are not truly single suite solutions – making maintenance and usability a challenge. Other SaaS solutions are so rigid in their deployment, the customer’s ability to personalize it to their unique culture, brand, processes and employee communication style is severely hampered.


Software-As-a-Service Delivery

cfactor delivers on the promise of The Cloud in a way that focuses on the user experience while effectively representing the customer’s unique culture, mission, way of doing business. Vibe HCM is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, multi-tenant technology. Our technology combined with a true SaaS delivery model enable our customers to achieve the full benefits of The Cloud.


Why SAAS & The Cloud Matter

Timely Deployment

Gone are the days of lengthy, expensive enterprise software implementations. Roll-out Vibe HCM in a modular fashion based on your priorities, your timeline.


Multi-tenancy effectively means customers are sharing the same solution behind the scenes. Why does that matter? It means everyone’s ideas, input, suggestions are continually driving innovation and improvements that are automatically shared with everyone. Multi-tenancy combined with unmatched configurability is like peanut butter and chocolate – an unbeatable combination.

Continuous Innovation

No longer will you have to endure expensive, disruptive, time consuming upgrades. You now automatically get access to the latest and greatest as we are continually rolling out new releases and innovative feature enhancements to our customers.

Unmatched Personalization

Customers continue to be pleasantly surprised with the high degree of configurability available in the Vibe HCM suite. No two customers are alike, so why should their HR system look the same? We align to your brand, your employees, your culture, your processes. But let’s not confuse the two “C” words – configurability vs. expensive customization. It is still the same multi-tenant version “under the hood”.


A robust SaaS technical environment allows you to rapidly scale up as your business requirements dictate. Service level agreements ensure customers receive high availability in a dedicated support environment staffed by highly qualified technical resources.

Focus On Security

We take safeguarding our customer’s company and employee data seriously – and we have been doing it successfully for over a decade! Security is a continuous, daily priority. Given this commitment, cfactor adopted a comprehensive, enterprise-wide program with respect to security and protection of privacy. cfactor adheres to and has achieved compliance with the following external certifications: SSAE 16/AT101 Type II Audit Annually and ISO 9001:2008.

Predictable Cost of Ownership

Why pay large upfront license fees, hardware and software costs while needing to dedicate IT resources to support a solution internally? Our customers pay a predictable monthly subscription fee based on the particular modules they have selected.


A Bit About Our Technology

We enjoy talking about our award-winning technology suite. Its web familiar design, usability, personalization and configurability. How employees love using it. How training isn’t really required because it is so intuitive. Our customer success stories.

Vibe HCM is proven, scalable and secure. It is also highly innovative – successfully leveraging the latest Internet, communications and social technologies to deliver a Different Type of HR System.

Vibe HCM is built for the mid- to-large enterprise space. It is designed to support large volumes of users and transactions. At its core, Vibe HCM possesses a generic modular architecture that enables it to be highly configurable for business processes unique to a particular enterprise. Its flexible design enables native support for multi-language, global and enterprise specific requirements. It is a multi-tier application that leverages open standards as a means to facilitate interoperability and data exchange with a wide variety of technologies/applications.

The technology really speaks best for itself. We would love to show it to you. Drop us a line to setup a demonstration.