Transform HR Service Delivery

Leverage Knowledge-base, Real-time Chat & Social Tools to Redefine how HR Delivers Service.

Vibe HR service provides leading-edge employee support tools enabling you to deliver improved employee experience / satisfaction while driving efficiency through technology. 



Support Employees in finding their own answers

Search & Tile-Based Navigation provides easy access to an integrated knowledge-base within the platform. Provide online system support, browse HR topics & access manager resources.  Advanced tagging, trending and user rating features ensure a dynamic ever-evolving resource to the business.

knowledge-base Features:

  • Search & Tile-Based Topic Navigation
  • Embedded FAQs & Related Resources
  • User Tagging & Rating Functions
  • Content-Management Functions
  • Linked Live Chat For Additional Support
Integrated Support Knowledge-Base


Real-time Secure Chat

Why make an employee ask a question outside of the system? AskHR Real-Time decision support is embedded throughout the application so employees can chat live with an expert to get their questions answered. 


Integrated Live Chat Support


Role-Based Hubs & Embedded Support Within Processes

Role-based hubs provide an efficient way to deliver a personalized experience for employees. Hubs automatically aggregate specific communities, information and tools that an employee needs based on their job. Expert and knowledge-infused self-service drive productivity and employee satisfaction.